Cabanes perchées et vacances nature - Saint-Paul de Vence
Green view on Saint-Paul de Vence - Vue sur la nature et sur Saint-Paul - Orion B&B

Located in the valley of Saint-Paul de Vence, Orion is a unique bed-and-breakfast in the Alpes-Maritimes, next to a natural green belt protecting us from noisy disturbances.

The tree houses blend perfectly into the woods surrounding the estate and enjoy a magnificent view of the famous perched village.

The resort stretches over 7000 sq.m. of terraced grounds with a host of pretty clearings to relax and enjoy the peace, whether you choose to sit in the sun or remain in the shade of the oaks, pines, olive trees or palm trees throughout the garden.

The greenery, the light, the breeze, the sunshine and the soft sounds of nature combine to produce positive vibrations that incite wellbeing, and then just "being".

B&B - Tree houses
Saint-Paul de Vence